Long Island Photo Gallery - Photos of Long Island
Rob Armstrong


What started out by simply logging a vacation with a small Canon Elph in Costa Rica quickly turned into a passion for photography. A few road trips later that included Three Rivers Michigan, Red Rocks Nevada and Burlington VT I fell in love with Nature. I was out taking photos of Great Blue Herons with my little Elph at the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge in Central New York, when my aunt looked at me and said that if I wanted to get serious about photography, I should invest in a real camera; I went out and bought a Canon T1i later that same day. It was with that camera that unleashed the curiosity bug which quickly turned into a beast. I had to learn all that there was about the different aspects of photography; shutter speed, f-stops and ISO etc. From there I learned different techniques and styles experimenting with macro, studio portraiture, lighting and sometimes abstract. I later tried architecture, landscape and concert photography which led to a CD cover. After a couple of years experimenting and learning what I could from books and magazines a friend of mine asked if I would be interested in going to Yosemite and being his best man. It was then I graduated to a Canon EOS 7D and 24-105mm L-series lens. That combination took my passion to a whole new level. I found myself back to nature, taking photos of waterfowl, landscapes, animals and waterfalls. One thing I learned about photography is that I am constantly learning something new. And when you are passionate about something, it's never work.

As I continue down this photographic journey, I look forward to learning more tricks, more styles and more techniques to constantly keep my passion burning. Hopefully one day I will develop

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